Riverside High School Daily Announcements

Monday, June 5, 2017


        • Breakfast for Monday, June 5, 2017 - TBD

          Lunch for Monday, June 5, 2017 - TBD

        • Breakfast for Tuesday, June 6 2017 - TBD

      •  Seniors - Check your emails about news on Scholarship deadlines this week.
      • Attention parents and community members. RHS is in need of proctors and assistance for administering EOCs, NCFEs and CTE tests. Please contact Mr. Matthews at RHS if you can help during exam administration in June. 

    • The next Drivers Ed class will be at Riverside High School from June 19-23 from 9-4. The cost will be $65. Registration will take place the first day of class
    • MCC college textbooks are now overdue. All outstanding books will cause students to be put on the indebtedness list. Please note that any outstanding debts will keep a senior from participating in graduation. 

    • Ani-Nation will not meet again until May 18th after school.

    • NHS Service Hours Deadline has been extended to May 31st. 

      •  Students are reminded to follow the MCS Dress Code. Here are a few reminders in the dress code - no boots, yoga pants and students must wear a uniform shirt to school each day.

      •  Students are reminded to be on time to school each day. Teachers are recording tardies and your lack of attendance can affect your performance and grade in your classes. 

      • Missing a lunch detention will now result in an additional day of lunch detention, plus making up the one that you missed.

      • Seniors, Decision Day will be on held on May 11th during 4th period. Come by Ms. Jenkins' office before May 1st in order to check off your Decision Day ticket to attend. Also,  complete your FAFSA no later than April 28th. If you do not plan on completing your FAFSA and would still like to go to Decision Day, please speak to Ms. Jenkins before that date.

      • The Science Olympiad team practice is held each Tuesday and Friday after school. See Mr. Hendrickson for more details. 

    • Students that drive on campus are reminded that they need to register their vehicle and purchase a valid parking pass. See Officer Peed for details. Students are reminded that when they arrive on campus each day that they must enter the building. 

    • Students that have active internship and college courses at MCC need to make sure that they sign in and out when the depart and arrive on RHS campus. 

    • Seniors, if you haven't purchased a cap and gown, you need to do this ASAP. See Mrs. Cowan for questions

    • Seniors,the Senior Fee is now 40.00. Please see Mrs. Cowan to pay your senior fee. 

    •  Students are reminded about the Main Building is off limits after 3:30pm, all athletes need to be with their coaches or staff, students are not allowed to "just roam around the building" see Officer Peed for questions or concerns.
    • Students are reminded that breakfast and lunch are served at no charge at RHS for the 2016 ­ 2017 school year.  Fuel up each morning and at lunch in the RHS cafe'

    • Students, please remember that you must report to the cafeteria as soon as you arrive on campus. For safety reasons, students are not permitted to hang out in the parking lot before or after school. Also, students please dispose of trash in the trash receptacles available in the parking lot. Students who are found littering will receive disciplinary consequences. Let’s work together to keep RHS neat and clean.

    Clubs and Organizations

    See the Guidance web page for detailed information


    For all sporting events, visit the Calendar link above.